About Me

Welcome to my blog!
I'm Liezel

Here's a in a nut shell about me... I'm married to an incredible man, I'm a mom of 3 amazing children. Logan (10) is the big brother, Tatum (8), the nurturing big sister and Conor (3) the last born boy. I'm a mom that loves taking control of the kids homework and studies and assignments.  I don't want to miss a sport event or special occasion.  We're a family that loves spending time with family and friends, but also don't mind a quite day in, just doing nothing and going nowhere. 

Now a bit about my desire to start this blog...

Social media is filled with stories of families living the perfect life.  And I'm happy for them, but I feel that "perfect" is not what makes the family.

So, I'm not going to throw all my dirty laundry out on the sidewalk, but I'm sharing my family's stories and experiences as true as I know some people would rather not admit to themselves or society.

I know somewhere out there is a first time Mom or Dad for that matter and the internet and social media are covered with smoke screens that cause unnecessary pressure and stress on standards and expectations that's in some cases just not reachable or "real".

Life is not just about the laughter and days of sunshine and bliss.  It's all that... AND the days that might feel a bit less sunny... And this blog is here for you to breath, slow down and know, it's ok! You are not always going to walk with a smile on your face, but it's how you handle the situation or feeling or person that counts.

You see all the magazines either want to paint the picture of disaster and turmoil or moon shine and roses.  It's either a perfect marriage or it's a failure..? Right? Or your child is either the top achiever or a flunker, right? No, no, no! Society and tribal beliefs does not determine your or your families happiness or success.

There's no fail safe recipe to the perfect life, coz my perfect life might not be anyone else's perfect life. And my view on life or how to raise a child might be completely different to how you were raised.  So, this is me sharing my journey to share a different perspective and in the process make some friends. 


Sometimes in life you have to KISS yourself.  What do I mean? Ya selflove must absolutely be part of your daily routine, but what I mean is...

K - Keep

I - It

S - Simple
S - Silly

Stay strong, You've got this!


Thanks for taking the time to make contact! I'll be in contact with you soon.