Meet the Crew... 


So, there are lots to say about my amazing crew, but I will try and keep it to the key points for now.

My husband (Tim) and I met whilst working at the airport in 2004.  I worked as airline ground staff and he was the very handsome IT consultant roaming the airport as if he owned it... I always couldn't wait for something to break even though I looved trouble shooting myself, I wanted "Mr IT dude" to step in and "save the day".

We dated 7 years before we got engaged and got married in 2010.  During this time we had a couple of adventures getting to know each other.  I think I was ready for things to get serious a lot earlier than he was, but I would not change a thing, should we be able to go back in time.


We welcomed our first born son (Logan) in 2011 and our daughter (Tatum) followed in 2013.  While it was a very interesting journey our hearts had room for more and our family expanded in 2018 and we welcomed our son (Conor).

So, I said this is only going to be a nutshell for the moment, coz all the juicy bits will be shared in the blog section.

Thanks for joining in on our jouney!