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Updated: Nov 19, 2021

Our very first post! - 19 November 2021

Being in love is one thing, but having a "partner in crime", someone who has your back no matter the situation, it something to cherish.

“Always, be friends first...

I can still remember my conversations with my school friends discussing your dream man. The one thing that always stuck and I can clearly remember Tim saying to me... We are always have to be friends first.

This might sound a bit "cheesy", but this is what worked for us. I was lost in love and just couldn't wait for Tim to "pop the question". He on the other had had other plans and didn't feel the need to rush into anything.

The thing is, why rush into something that you are going to share for your whole life! It's fun and extremely exhilarating in the beginning, but soon, the rose sparkles disappear in the madness called "life" and what was the rush for?

I feel that the true building blocks of any relationship is being a friend first. Friends share memories, get up to mischief together, support each other through a difficult time or a rough day and sometimes just listen to try and comprehend what the other person must be going through.

Being friends doesn't mean always agreeing and seeing eye to eye. It means taking two individuals from two separate journeys and bringing it together. Merging opinions and thoughts and respecting the process of putting it all in place.

This is how I would briefly describe my journey with Tim... We shared many memorable memories together before starting our adventure as husband and wife and from the very beginning we stood behind each other and supported each other.

Stay strong! You've got this!

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