Dream a little Dream...

Let's see how many of us go though this type of experience in their dreams...

Our family are religious and we know that there are meanings to our dreams and that we receive prophetic messages as written in the Bible.

But something I find very interesting and would like to start a bit of a conversation about is, the dreams where you do not have control. Like I've spoken to so many people and everyone experience the type of dream where you need to run away or after someone and your legs will just not cooperate? Like you give it your all and you can just not get there or away.

Or the dreams where you need to scream to warn someone and you can not get your voice out?

Or how about a dream that I recently had, where I had to fight and each and every punch I through felt like I were hitting in slow motion. Like I had to put EVERYTHING in my punches to land a punch that actually mean something...

I find it quite interesting that so many people have dreams similar to this. I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts.

Stay Strong! You've got this!

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