Elves on the Shelf... Day 1

With the hype of the December holidays just around the corner, the Elves are there to keep the energy high in the Swart family's house! The month of fun continues...

The Elves have barely arrived and they're already up to mischief. The kids got up with so much excitement to see if the Elves who arrived the night before came inside and made themselves welcome with the snacks and milk they set out for them.

...she could only see a smidgen of what the little guys got up to while everyone were asleep.

Well, Tim and I woke up with the high pitch tone of Tatum's voice that echoed down the passage... With the gate between the passage and the bedrooms still locked she could only see a smidgen of what the little guys got up to while everyone were asleep.

The children were blown away when they saw Jet and Steve hanging from our chandelier and Sweetie took the puzzle pieces - of the puzzle Tatum and I were busy building - and made puzzle angels...

They couldn't believe that these little guys were able to do all these things. Tatum said, she couldn't believe that they were so naughty while they were suppose to make sure that she and her brothers had to behave to stay on the "nice list".

Well, we were definitely in for a treat with the Elves next visit, coz one of the construction workers touched Sweetie to move her out of the way... This either means that she's not coming back or she's coming back with a bad attitude.

Ps. I would love to hear from other parents if you're joining in with "Elf on a Shelf" and if you are, what havoc are they creating in your house.

Hope you have a jolly day.

Stay Strong! You've got this!

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