Elves on the Shelf... Day 2

In a very short period of time, the Elves have made a very strong impression on our kids. They go to bed with a burning curiosity of what the Elves might get up to during the night. The month of fun continues...

Remind me never to get on the wrong side of a girl Elf... Ever! Remember, Sweetie got "man handled" by the one building contractor? Well, I'm VERY happy that I weren't on the receiving end of her frustration, coz that sweet lil Elf clearly have some "ninja" skills we weren't aware of...

I couldn't help but to feel sorry for the poor lil boy Elves, Jet and Steve.

I woke up to the music of my son, Logan's, favorite game, Fortnite. So, I know during the holidays he likes to get up before Tatum and Conor to get a peaceful couple of hours "game time" before the "tug-of-war" for the remote begins. What I found a bit strange was that Logan was still fast asleep in his bed and the passage gate was still locked?!

I weren't prepared for what I found in the living room... I couldn't help but to feel sorry for the poor lil boy Elves, Jet and Steve.

I can only assume the three Elves were planning on a games evening and with Sweetie being in such a fowl mood, Jet and Steve just put the "sleigh in front of the reindeer" with selecting the wrong gun or not healing quick enough and made Sweetie go bananas...

Logan was astonished that a girl Elf even knew how to play Fortnite and Tatum and Conor were at a loss for words.

The kids just hope that Sweetie will cool off and forgive the whole experience sooner rather than later.

Enjoy your day!

Childhood means simplicity. Look at the world with the child's eye - it is very beautiful... KISS (Keep It Simple Silly)

Stay Strong! You've got this!

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