Excited and Frustrated...

I never thought that it is actually possible to experience this "power couple" of emotions in one thought... I can however confirm it is possible, but my goodness, it's one adventurous ride!

"No turning back now..."

Two almost three weeks ago Tim and I made the very bold, yet overdue decision to renovate our bathrooms. The day we bought our house about 10 years ago we set the aim to renovate the guest bathroom as the bath tub was old fashioned and a tad small for me (168cm) to have a comfy bath, needles to say for Tim that's (187cm). But, what I HAVE to add, our genetics have been put together in such an extraordinary way that we have never failed to create nail biting adventures together.

The day we gave the "go ahead" to our very trusted "go to" guy for projects like these, we did not take in consideration that we will be smack bang in the middle of year end exams and preparations with the children (Logan, Gr. 4) and (Tatum, Gr. 2).

A week ago the first bathroom got stripped down to the core, so, no turning back now...

Both Tim and I work from home. We had to sort of bite the bullet and bare with the banging and crashing with the stripping of the wall and floor tiles, covering the house in a very fine dust.

Our shopping spree last week for the new bath, tiles and the accessories had us in shock. We couldn't believe the crazy prices of the beautiful new image we painted in our minds. We went back home with nothing purchased and sat in the doorway of the now empty shell and played with so many options, just to find out that if we go with the "design" we want to take on, we are going to have to call in an additional contractor to assist with the bath and basin plumbing. At this very moment there was a party in my mind and excitement and frustration was having an insane time!

We manage through the shopping the next day, without any prisoners. We got a beautiful freestanding bath with huge tiles in the colour range that we imagined. We had to endure a weekend with one bathroom, but I'm happy to say that the new wall and floor tiles are going up today and I hope to share the "in progress" photo soon.

Stay strong! You've got this!

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