Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

There is nothing SO spectacular than to sit under a bright full moon. Soaking up the radiant energy...

Last night Tim and I had the pleasure of having dinner in the moonlight... Sounds romantic, hey? I can 100% confirm that it was and we didn't even need candlelight... We got spoiled with an incredible display of nature and the best part was we had good company.

We had blankets and pillows set out on the trampoline and enjoyed a very peaceful and healthy dinner in the moonlight. If it wasn't for the cold, we might have spent the whole evening there, but we had to eventually pack up and head back inside.

This was just another example that you don't have to spend money or get dolled up to have a special and romantic evening with your husband or wife. I mean don't get me wrong, I looove getting dolled up, but sometimes it's the little things that counts the most.

Have a wonderful day!

Stay strong! You've got this!

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