It's never easy to say, Goodbye...

A dog is called a man’s best friend for a reason. They love unconditionally and protect with fierce love. Nushka's presence left an indelible mark on our hearts. Our existence is flooded with moments of joy that she brought to our family's life.

Today started in a very sad way... We had to say goodbye to a companion and friend, our dearest Nushka. We are thankful that you left in a peaceful way without any pain in your sleep.

Nushi, you filled our lives with excitement, joy and unconditional love. Your huge smile that awaited us at the end of a days work or when the children returned from school will always live on in our hearts.

We were blessed with a few weeks short of 13 years with your explosive energy in our family. You were always present when the kids played outside and looked for opportunities to join in on the fun. You plunged into the pool after the kids and sometime left a mark or two, but you only tried in your own unique way to protect your lil friends. You loved playing hide-and-go-seek with the kids. The "seeker" were always pleased when you help find everyone hiding in sneaky spots with ease. We have a graveyard filled with rugby, soccer, tennis and beach balls that you couldn't resist to play along with.

As a pup, you redecorated ouma's house with all the toilet paper and tissues that you could get your eyes on and couldn't understand why everyone did not like it. You had a couple of moments where you felt the need to get rid of our terrible taste in furniture and shoes as well...

I will never forget the day that you attacked the garden services. You bolted up our very steep, 20m driveway, like a bullet from a gun, when you thought we had intruders entering our gate. But you very obediently stopped in your tracks when I called your name and returned to me.

You are now in heaven and I am please that the loud noises of the neighbor's pellet gun, the crackers on "Guy Fox", gun shots that you heard kilometers away and the very heavy lightening storms will no longer bother your sensitive ears.

We will miss you forever! Until we see you again...

Stay Strong! You've got this!

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