Sharing is Caring

All parents understand the daily encouragement and reminding between siblings to share and play nicely together.

I have to admit, the title of this post is a bit contradicting...

There are just certain days where one of the children has something that tickles the fancy of the other two as well and an instant "sibling war" arise. When you ask: "what's going on?"... there's rapid fire from every angle with explanations and negotiations, tears and frustration that even the FBI don't even dare to take on. But I have to admit, the title of this post is a bit contradicting. And here is why...

Tatum started with a couple of tiny red dots on her chest, but I thought nothing of it. I put some insect bite ointment on after her bath and gave her some Allergex. With no further complaints I accepted the matter resolved. The next day Logan also mentioned a couple of tiny red dots on his chest that he noticed during bath time... At this point I thought it odd that the same dots, I though was insect bites, is now on Logan too! Well the mystery unfolded by itself the very next morning when the dots on Tatum spread to her tummy, lower back and upper legs and Logan's to his tummy and upper back.

My mom's intuition said it so loud in my head, I almost had to cover my ears.

Chickenpox..! The one moment where sharing is most definitely not caring...

With the dots being so small I was playing with the hope that it's just some sort of reaction to swimming pool chlorine or washing powder, but I knew. I went on google for images, symptoms and treatments and of course read stuff that made my neck hair stand on end.

I decided to leave the diagnostics to the professionals and made an appointment with our trusted nurse. She inspected the dots on both of them very closely and made that "confirming" sound, followed by the "look". I love her to bits, coz she just said to me: "Don't worry mommy! They will be fine". She confirmed it to be the irritating red dots, that has got nothing to do with chickens...

I then said to myself, I can either go into a panic or I can except the situation for what it is and be in control. We got the necessary ointments and immune boosters and set ourselves up to start with the healing process. O, and Conor also shared on this adventure, except that he only has 4 dots all together.

This bring my story to the conclusion. Please do not let any website or even a doctor spread panic or fear in a situation like this. It it human to feel overwhelmed, but don't let fear control you! You are the pilot and if you go into a panic, the kids will make it big in their minds and guaranteed make them feel worse.

Between Tim and I, we always try and put things that's not so pleasant in a positive light. There are things that's going to get uncomfortable in life, but it's how I decide to tackle it, that's going to make all the difference.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change. - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Stay strong! You've got this.

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